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Making Change

Making Change. Advertisements

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Making Change

Change happens all around us. But when we resist change or don’t actively work to change our circumstances or perceptions, we risk feeling dull, apathetic, or dead. The late, great Rabbi Alan Lew in his book “This is Real and … Continue reading

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Let Go of Control and Gain Peace

When I first let go of control in meditation, I was sitting in a large, darkened hall with over 500 people, inhaling thick clouds of incense, waiting expectantly for “the word” or “touch,” two ways the Master awakened our seemingly … Continue reading

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Minefield Meditation, or “What Was I Thinking?”

People often ask me “What kind of meditation do you teach?” or “Do you teach ‘Mindfulness’ Meditation?” If they are roughly over 40 or 50, they might tell me how they once did  TM. I am never satisfied with how … Continue reading

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