Endurance vs. Enduring, Notes from the Meditation Front

Readers and friends, please let me know how this meditation works for you. best to post and also email sheilaklewis@gmail.com. Thank you!


A funny thing happened as I wrote about endurance. The old post from 2013 endured. I couldn’t delete it. So, a few updates: Minnesota artist & writer AJ, visiting New York four  summers in a row, says that meditating on and cultivating endurance has been a boon to her creative work as well as her pool game (something to do with improving her shots). Endurance, or in Yoga language, Steadfastness, may not sound sexy, but it also isn’t drudgery. We endure pain as we strive to get beyond it to the highest, shiniest aspect of Self, the inner golden rock that never tarnishes. Meditating (or any activity) in a group increases our endurance as a group’s energy can carry us past our myopic self-scrutiny or lazy tendencies.

Take 5 or so minutes to cultivate the quality of endurance. Contemplate the sound, image, or weight of the word. Reflect on a…

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About sheilaklewis

As a writing coach, meditation teacher, writer, and academic tutor, I'm passionate about words and the silent spaces between words. In this context, I run book clubs and writers' groups where the resonance of carefully crafted words can spark readers and writers to share their own stories. Connecting through conversation; making memories matter; embracing editing and revision, and imaginative wordplay are some solo and collective outcomes. I came to what I call my "Meditate Write Now" practice after years of art-making, writing grants, curriculum, children's stories, and more. Meditation kept my mind from meandering too far off point and also led me to write from the still point within. May our paths cross in creative journeys across time and internet connections! Other details: My husband and I are the parents of two amazing sons and one daughter-in-law, and smitten grandparents of Micah (born December, 2013). I don't drive, and have lived in the same apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, for too long.
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