Inner Whispers

Sandy has passed through New York.  While she has wrought a great deal of havoc and destruction, up here in Harlem, where I live, we’re in good shape.  Other than an internet outtage, we’re fine!

Our night was quiet, after I figured out to put a chair against our apartment door to keep it from rattling every time someone walked through the building’s lobby.  This morning, Mickey and I went out for our walk.  This is what we saw:

There were actually a few patches of blue and some white cloud tufts in the sky this morning.  A welcome sight after the grayness of the past few days! Lots of twigs and small branches down on our block.  My sweet yellow tree is now totally naked, while the perpetually red-leafed tree across the street managed to retain her splendid foliage. So many leaves strewn all over Broadway, and, yet, the…

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About sheilaklewis

As a writing coach, meditation teacher, writer, and academic tutor, I'm passionate about words and the silent spaces between words. In this context, I run book clubs and writers' groups where the resonance of carefully crafted words can spark readers and writers to share their own stories. Connecting through conversation; making memories matter; embracing editing and revision, and imaginative wordplay are some solo and collective outcomes. I came to what I call my "Meditate Write Now" practice after years of art-making, writing grants, curriculum, children's stories, and more. Meditation kept my mind from meandering too far off point and also led me to write from the still point within. May our paths cross in creative journeys across time and internet connections! Other details: My husband and I are the parents of two amazing sons and one daughter-in-law, and smitten grandparents of Micah (born December, 2013). I don't drive, and have lived in the same apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, for too long.
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