Whine to Five – please join me

Whine to Five, Please Join Me…
Nov. 24, 2010
I wonder if another blog is what cyberspace needs now, and if so, what can I contribute that is of unique value and not another excuse for readers to avoid doing something more useful…like work, or cleaning their bathtubs.
So perhaps the answer is, Whine to Five. Everybody is whining these days, and for good reason. But if we could curtail our whining to five minute segments, perhaps we could learn to move on quicker in a more positive direction and send out “better vibes.”
Let me validate my credentials. I am one of you, an experienced whiner, wallowing at times way past five minutes. I like a good whine. But overuse does not increase joy, fellowship, or abundance in the world, stop wars, crush political idiocy, or erase the national debt.
I am writing this blog as an invitation for you to join me and go public with your whine.
Affirmations in the absence of acknowledging that which causes us misery in the first place are only partially effective. Targeted whining can help us see to the root of our woes and nip it in the bud–before it spreads and colors our vision like a toxic plasma.
A disciplined approach to whining could be an effective stress reliever and allow us to transform our experience of all that is unfairly happening to us (or “the world”). If we need to get the whine out of the way, let’s do it, purposefully, therapeutically!

Right now you might be asking for a concrete example of how this works. I can think of two (they were observed from casual conversation, so please take no offense if this sounds like you):
Do NOT whine about the long flight delays, weather, and difficulties packing that occurred on your last vacation to such places as Italy, Southeast Asia, Israel, the Rockies, or Turkey. At least you had the time and money to go on a vacation. Be grateful for that. So, whine for your allotted time and then THANK the Lord of the Skies for your safe transport, and your lucky stars for having the wealth and privilege to travel. If you didn’t like the weather, no one forced you to go to India or Petra in August.
Another common whine involves NYC real estate. Do NOT go on and on about how you can’t really afford to “buy” a co-op in a better neighborhood unless the asking price goes “down” to $600,000, or how you have to decide between a vacation house or a new kitchen. Be grateful that such choices are available, and that you don’t live in a walk up with no view (I’m not complaining, just a tad whiny) or a two room apt. with your family, dog, cat, and a leaky ceiling. And we can all be grateful that we don’t live in Darfur, Afghanistan, or a tent in Haiti.
Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s be truly grateful that we’re here today and we didn’t get screwed like the Natives.
I’d love to hear from you with a creative whine that has legs to transform itself into gratitude. Share your minor whine, with a side of wisdom, please.
coming soon…”Before you kvetch, say it right!”


About sheilaklewis

As a writing coach, meditation teacher, writer, and academic tutor, I'm passionate about words and the silent spaces between words. In this context, I run book clubs and writers' groups where the resonance of carefully crafted words can spark readers and writers to share their own stories. Connecting through conversation; making memories matter; embracing editing and revision, and imaginative wordplay are some solo and collective outcomes. I came to what I call my "Meditate Write Now" practice after years of art-making, writing grants, curriculum, children's stories, and more. Meditation kept my mind from meandering too far off point and also led me to write from the still point within. May our paths cross in creative journeys across time and internet connections! Other details: My husband and I are the parents of two amazing sons and one daughter-in-law, and smitten grandparents of Micah (born December, 2013). I don't drive, and have lived in the same apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, for too long.
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25 Responses to Whine to Five – please join me

  1. Hahaha! Good humor, Sheila, way to go,
    Congrats on starting your blog!
    I won’t exactly whine, but please send me encouraging vibes that I can write 1,980 words a day for the next 5 days so that I can finish Nano. And, yes, that means writing on Thanksgiving too, because I can’t pull of a marathon all-nighter.

    • sheilaklewis says:

      Hey, this is much easier than writing a novel, and it supports my short attention span!
      Your whine is well deserved, having to miss out on Thanksgiving stupor isn’t fair! May
      the force (and caffeine as needed) be with you. I fully expect you will exceed 2000 words.
      Thanks for writing back so fast, Best to all, Sheila

  2. Aiyana says:

    Thanks, Sheila. Creative post indeed. Thanks for starting this cyber dialogue. Sometimes I think that my whines let the universe hear me, but I am often adverse to hearing others’ whines, which tells me I can do better. So I am grateful for wonderful friends, being in a community of creators and healers, a wonderful extended family, and my own connection with the inventiveness of the universe. In a dream last night I said the word, “Praise.”

    • sheilaklewis says:

      Thanks for upping this whine a notch, I really appreciate it!

    • sheilaklewis says:

      yes, Beth you nailed it. I was being subversive (and sneakily whining about whining
      all the time). I feel same way about blogs, so I guess I am conflicted, but so far
      it is fun and I like to do what’s fun and doesn’t harm the planet. Somehow this reply
      is in wrong place, forgive me…Sheila

  3. Stephanie says:


  4. renee barocas says:

    Is it really okay to whine? What a relief. I thought I had to do it in secret and only let the people who will love me despite the whining know. The idea is so new to me that I’ll have to think about the whines I can put out there.
    I love the design at the top. I thought it was off center until I realized it was my computer.

    • sheilaklewis says:

      Thanks Renee! I think we all whine, and we all hate people for over-whining, so perhaps
      this will shed some light on the dilemma. Looking forward to fun exchanges and as
      always, your light spirit. The design they give you and I have no idea how to change it,
      but it’s kind of nice. Sheila

  5. Beth Gilson says:

    Ok, I must confess the whole concept of “blog” does not stir my blood but since it’s Sheila I clicked on the link to read one or two sentences before going back to my day. Whew, catchy title to ease you in comfortably, then wow, love the idea of letting out the whine, feels like such a relief, followed by the adult intervention of setting limits, feels responsible in a good way, and then Sheila, you are so subversive, going for transformation of the whine! Love it, great start, I’m a fan 🙂

  6. Connie Gemson says:

    Thanks for the insights on the universal whine! I like your sense of humor. Here is the
    words of John Lennon, ” we all whine on.” or as they said in the sixties- whine on!

    I guess I am still stuck in the sixties and even in this downturn, we need to also ” “celebrate good times!”Maybe there are ways to appreciate what we have.

    Here is a Quaker mini-prayer- ” We give thanks for the unknown blessings, which are already on the way. ” ( and that’s no whine!)

  7. reikiforlife says:

    I like, “We give thanks for the unknown blessings, which are already on the way.”

    Why should they be known? They are coming from the unknown realm. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone, and forgive yourself for whining on, the sound of humans, like whales have theirs.

  8. Rivka Widerman says:

    Congratulations on the blog. Keeping the whine to a few minutes and then acknowledging ur blessings is something I’ve always believed in. Glad you put it out there.

  9. Since I just arrived in New Haven to spend Thanksgiving by my father’s hospital bedside, I am in love with your attitude that transforms whining into meditation with a droning perspective!

    So here’s to the Days of Whine and Roses!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, Aliya

  10. Lia Teresa says:

    May I ask a targeted question and then make a comment about whining? Namely; is whining the same as complaining? The comment would be, I am someone who never complained and should have started long ago. Do I have a place in the world of whining and, if so, what is it?

    • sheilaklewis says:

      Hi Lia! Yes, the 2 are similar, but whining has so much more kinesthetic appeal–complaining seems a mental activity, whereas whining is a total body experience and may even involve out of body, past life experiences from generations of ancestral whiners. thanks for the insights, and start whining. Sheila

  11. reikiforlife says:

    I love the appreciation of whining. It is to be savored, like a square of good chocolate. — and a good whine when appreciated becomes something more, our song, like a whale song. I love the idea of generations of ancestral whiners. Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone. It’s all good, with the whine a part of the whole orchestra. Sheila, you’re onto something here. The blog is obviously your medium.

  12. KarenL. says:

    Wow, you DID IT! Hey, as always say: Save a Tree, Start a Blog. 😀
    Will definitely be checking back to see what you’re up to…in the meantime, Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Blogging!

  13. Kenny says:

    Wow! Nothing is better than a fine whine on a chilly day! I’ll be sure to give my inner voice a whining, nasal tone! 😀

    Looking forward to more Sheila WoW (words of wisdom) .

  14. Great Sheila! An attitude of gratitude (as opposed to a culture of entitlement) is always refreshing. Look forward to further posts, and you’ve inspired me to get my blog going.

  15. Linda Zaitchik says:

    Way to go Sheila. Can’t wait to join in on the blog.

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